Speaking vs Answering

In IELTS Test there are 3 section for speaking module. Candidates are often asked to speak about various topics. However, the unfortunate event is, candidates often misunderstand this message and answer to the questions asked instead of speaking as a… Read More ›

IELTS Speaking

This part of the Website discusses about IELTS Speaking Module. This module has 3 parts apart from the introduction part. All three parts of the test are conducted at a same time by a same examiner in one stretch. The… Read More ›

Sample Read Aloud

Look at the text below. In 40 seconds, you must read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud. Tips: Break the text into chunks and pause slightly between each one as… Read More ›

Sample Repeat Sentences

Please come to the next seminar properly prepared. You’ll find the economics section on the second floor of the library. Next time, we’ll discuss the influence of the media on public policy. There is plenty of cheap accommodation off-campus. The… Read More ›


Using the right intonation makes the listener very comfortable in understanding the speaker. A rising intonation and a falling intonation are used for different purposes. To use appropriate intonation, at first one has to cut chunks and break a sentence… Read More ›

Rapid Response Round

Responding rapidly to these questions can be challenging and practicing these questions can be rewarding. You may need the help of a trainer or a person who can speak and understand English fairly well to help you do this task.

Answer Short Questions

In this section, you are asked a question, the answer to which is a word or short phrase. You do ten to twelve of these items, depending in the combination of items in your test.