Life Skills IELTS

Life Skills Spoken English

Life Skills is a part of IELTS Test that measures the listening and speaking ability of a test taker. This is a programme suitable for dependents who wish not to work but stay with their spouse in an English speaking country. This course is suitable for people working in India as well. The skills measures are limited to Listening and Speaking.

UKVI modules are:

UKVI Listening

UKVI Speaking

Apart from Listening and Speaking Tasks we will also teach you some basic English Language skills that are most required for a person to live in an english speaking environment. These are elective modules. Candidates at Casper Academy can choose to learn a few of these modules on their own interest. These are not mandatory modules of Life Skills.

Read aloud




Writing from Dictation

Speak General Topics

Answer to short questions

Speak for 2 minutes continuously

Make questions

Describe situations

Describe Images

Listen and summarise

3000 Academic Words