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Although, Though, Even Though:

These expressions are almost the same in the meaning. The way in which these expressions are used in a sentence is also similar. Let us look at some of the example sentences to learn the usage effectively.

After reading the samples, I’d recommend you to write some sample sentences of the same type and get it corrected from your English Faculty.

  1. Although it was raining, I could come to class.
  2. I made up my mind to attend the test, although I am uncertain about the result.
  3. Though I missed my bus in the morning, I was the first to reach the class.
  4. It was raining and I got wet, although I carried an umbrella.
  5. Even though one prepared well, the future is uncertain and often mysterious.
  6. Though you have a sour throat, you can sing today.
  7. Although Kerala is 100% a literate state, people sometimes behave uncultured.
  8. Education, although meant for intellectual development, is not necessary to contribute useful citizens.
  9. Though I was ill, I attend office yesterday.
  10. You can call me ‘Although’, though my name is ‘Even though’.


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