Life Skills

Sample Read Aloud

Look at the text below. In 40 seconds, you must read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read aloud. Tips: Break the text into chunks and pause slightly between each one as… Read More ›


Using the right intonation makes the listener very comfortable in understanding the speaker. A rising intonation and a falling intonation are used for different purposes. To use appropriate intonation, at first one has to cut chunks and break a sentence… Read More ›

Life Skills – IELTS

Life Skills is a part of IELTS Test that measures the listening and speaking ability of a test taker. This is a programme suitable for dependents who wish not to work but stay with their spouse in an English speaking country. This course is suitable for people working in India as well. The skills measures are limited to Listening and Speaking.

Sample Speaking Responses

These are some of the sample responses for speaking questions written by experts. However, this response is only one way of approach of the many available approaches. Don’t memorise these answers.

Should I be good at Grammar to excel in International English Exams.

When there are no rules followed a cricketer finds it difficult to play with the team. Because the rules form a common ground to protect the player and ease the learning process for a learner of the game. Similarly, grammar forms a common ground on which a user of the language is able to express himself/herself clearly and the new learner finds it easy to learn the language. Therefore it it necessary to learn the language and its grammar rules immaculately.

Online Coaching

Learning a language is synonymous to learning to drive a car. Of course you can learn the knowledge but how would you put to use unless you drive the car in real roads. Similarly learning the nuances online doesn’t make you comfortable in using the language. You have to be in a group of real humans who create situations that you may have to overcome and become fluent in handling the real fire of communication.