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Online Coaching

1If you are one of them who keeps searching for OET online coaching, PTE online coaching, IELTS online coaching, TOEFL online coaching, Spoken English online coaching and many more such phrases only to end up with a lot of sites who promise to provide super training online, your search ends here. This is an article written only for you. Kindly read it before you search for such terms one more time.

How good is online training for learning a language?

Learning a language is synonymous to learning to drive a car. Of course you can learn the knowledge but how would you put to use unless you drive the car in real roads. Similarly learning the nuances online doesn’t make you comfortable in using the language. You have to be in a group of real humans who create situations that you may have to overcome and become fluent in handling the real fire of communication.

Does online training go successfully?

Yes! For some. Not for many.

How does the cost of online training work?

Usually the cost is very high compared to a classroom training.

Do I get a faculty online?

Most often getting a faculty to assist you and clear your doubts happens to be a hectic task. 50% of online coaching providers are unable to meet this need and break the course or session half the way.

What are the chances of deviation?

While being online, hm… getting disturbed by pop ups is needless to be pointed out. Most learners get distracted and get carried away by unwanted tides.

What is the percentage of people who benefitted online?

Not more than 20%, I assume. It is simply because they are good at a lot of research and they do study about the subject from 100s Of sources. This attitude makes the learning simpler, be it online or offline.

Who should look for online training?

Those who have severe physical inability to go and attend classes in the venue provided by the coaching centres can opt for online training. Other might miss the real enjoyment of being with other humans while learning.

Who are these online coaching providers?

They are genuine people who want to help your learning at your convenient location at your comfort zone with the help of your favourite gadget. But they are helpless. It is not the online course providers to be blamed, it is the nature of online course to be blamed.

Why I should not depend on Blogs?

Everyone who has a gmail account is also entitled to own a blog. It is as simple as possessing a pen or eraser. Those who have a lot of time and those who think that they know something, be they knowledgeable or not, have an access to such platforms where they write what they write. Sometimes it is really useful because some bloggers do a lot of research about what they write before they write. I am here to blame the rest who simply write only to grab the attention of the public and climb the ladder of fame.

Can I depend on You tube classes for learning a language?

Of course! obviously you can learn a lot of tips of how to use prepositions, how to use certain words, the punctuation and many more. However, I experts don’t recommend online training (Youtube Video classes) for International English Tests. It doesn’t usually work the way it is expected to work. These exams are costly and have a lot of risk associated with it.

What is the best alternative?

Choose to study IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, UKVI, Life Skills, OET and all other international English exams in a training center near your work place or home.

We now have online training facility for IELTS. Casper agrees to take up this assignment only because of the growing need. Lately, there has been many candidates who contact us from abroad and ask for such services. Thank you for choosing Casper Academy for this purpose. Please read the commonly asked questions and answers to get clearer picture about the course. If you have more questions to be asked, ask us in the comment section and we will respond to it as early as possible.

Why should I take this service at Casper?

If you are a candidate preparing to appear for IELTS and have no chance to attend classes at our facility, If you are abroad, If you only want to improve your score in less than 2 modules, you can take this course. However, as this course has limitation in time, we recommend this course only for repeaters of the Test. For those who take this exam for the first time, this is not a recommended way of practise.

What are the modules conducted online?

Materials available with Listening CD and Reading Practise questions are sufficient for candidates to prepare on Reading and Listening modules. Only for Writing and Speaking module a trainer’s help is mandatory. Therefore, we offer only Writing and Speaking module online.

What is the length and duration of the course?

A course period is customised according to the needs of candidates. Depending on how many tasks are to be trained and how the candidate performs in the given task, the length of the course can be altered.

Do you assure the result?

Of course not, Casper Academy offers the best training at all times. There is no compromise in the quality of our training. The result of the candidate in a particular test can be influenced by many factors, starting from climatic condition of the day of the test to the mood fluctuation of the candidate during a flu.  All candidates are proved to perform differently at different environments. Therefore, it is unarguably impossible to assure someone’s score in an unprecedented environment on a particular day of the test.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the course can vary from 5000/- to 50000/- depending upon the demand of the candidate. You may have to speak to one of our executives to arrive at a conclusion about the fee matters.

How should I pay you?

You can pay us online. Send your fee through ‘Google Pay’, NEFT transfer, or Pay cash at the reception of our training center.

Do you have refund / cancellation possibility?

Yes! for candidate enrolling in online training programme the faculty is assigned and paid in advance and so, we don’t encourage cancellation or postponing of the course for any reasons. The fee once paid will not be refunded.

When should I start the course?

After paying the fee, the candidate will be given a contact number and mail ID of the faculty, the availability of both parties, candidate and the trainers needs to be taken into account to fix a schedule of the training.

What materials should I use?

The candidate will be instructed about the materials he/she should use during the initial classes.


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